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Moving can be fun but it can also bring a lot of stress and chaos into your life, as accidents happens. During a move people lose their chargers, Jewelry and their keys. If you lost your U-Haul moving truck key or the key to your storage unit and need a locksmith near Cherry Hill, NJ – Trust Ben’s Lock & Key to deliver professional and on-time locksmith solutions.

Are you locked out of your storage unit?

People sometimes forget to renew their storage subscription or just delaying the payment for later time, assuming they can catch up and their belongings will wait. Unfortunately, most storage places will not allow you to stay behind payments and might change the lock on your unit. If you are locked out due to late or missed payment, our locksmiths will not be able to help. We need the storage facility representative to allow us to work on the property and they will confirm storage owner and access rights information before authorizing us to work on your storage unit.

If you are authorized to access your storage unit, call Ben’s Lock & Key now for help!

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Damage Free Storage Unit Lock Removal

You are responsible for damages caused by your locksmith to the storage unit door, so choosing the right locksmith can save you money. Also, you will find that some storage facilities will not allow any locksmith to access their locks. Our locksmiths trained and experienced working on all types of storage unit locks (ACE II Locks, Round Disc Locks, Mortise, etc.) and can help you remove them safely and access your unit without damaging the door, even when the lock needs to be drilled out.

Get a New Lock

Once your lock has been removed, it can no longer be used. Make sure to purchase a new lock and bring it with you to the appointment (replacement locks can be purchased online or at your local storage facility). Most replacement locks cost $8-$18.

What Documents should you Bring with You

Before we can access your unit, a proof of ownership is required. You can bring your state issued ID (Driver License, Passport, etc.) and a copy of your storage lease or it can be obtained at the front desk.

If your contract is up to date but the lock was replaced because you missed a payment, we will not be able to help you access your unit.

How to unlock a storage unit

How much Does a Locksmith Charge to Unlock a Storage Unit near me

Many new storage facilities opened recently, bringing new locks and new challenges to the locksmiths community. The storage unit lock (Disc, ACE II, Mortise, etc), accessibility and distance are all factors that we weigh when bidding on a job. If you’re not sure what lock do you have then you can send us a picture or pay the basic service fee and our locksmiths will update the estimate on-site.

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