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Lost car key can be replaced by your local locksmith or dealer. The main difference is that if you choose your dealer you might have to tow your car there for service, while if you choose a locksmith then all you got to do is wait, as most locksmiths will originate replacement car key on-site.

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Myth: Locksmiths more expensive than your dealer.
Locksmiths usually will charge you less than your local dealer, and that while making the key on-site.

Truth: Locksmiths are up to 75% cheaper than your Dealer
Most locksmiths will not give you an OEM key. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad key. Aftermarket keys maybe lack your car logo but may be drastically cheaper than the original dealer key.

Myth: You must tow your car to the dealer to program a smart key fob
Many people believe that they must take their car to the dealer in order to get a replacement car key. In fact, most customers call the dealer first, and end up with locksmiths to save money.

Truth: Locksmiths can Program Key Fobs
Locksmiths can program most transponder keys, Fobik key, intelligent key, Toyota Smart Key and most keyless pro keys for todays cars.

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Based in Cherry Hill, NJ we deliver professional lock and key services to South Jersey. Our local [geoip-city] locksmith team has a unique talent when it comes to cars and car keys. Find below some of the automotive locksmith services that we provide in your area.

Car Key Replacement
Fix Ignition Switch
Rekey Car
Rekey Ignition
Locked Keys inside Car (Vehicle Lockout)
Program Car Key
Program Car Key Fob

When you call a local locksmith, remain calm remember that his job is to make a replacement key so just explain the situation, don’t forget to provide your vehicle make, year and model. This information, combined with your location will help the locksmith give you a realistic cost and timeframe to get your key replaced. Here at Ben’s Lock & Key with offer same day car key replacement service in [geoip-city], [geoip-region] and throughout South Jersey.

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