Ben’s Lock & Key serves all of South New Jersey, including the lovely city of Voorhees. If you are searching for a reputable Voorhees Locksmith, then please consider us here at Ben’s Lock & Key – your neighborhood, family South Jersey locksmith. 

Although we are physically located in Cherry Hill, we serve many wonderful clients in Voorhees, giving us the opportunity to travel throughout the city frequently and almost daily. From the Voorhees Town Center (BTW, if you find yourself in the Voorhees Town Center you should check out the Iron Hill Brewery – they have some great beers on tap and good eats as well), to the well renowned local area Hospital – Virtua Hospital Voorhees, we service all of Voorhees and hope to be your “go-to” Voorhees Locksmith.

Voorhees is truly a beautiful, neighborhood city. It is filled with many lovely homes and communities and some great businesses as well. We feel fortunate to be able to be located in this area and strive to be your number one Voorhees Locksmith. 

One of our favorite nature areas in Voorhees is Connolly Park. If you have kids or dogs, we highly recommend you check out this park as it’s filled with many trees and even has a paved path through the park on which you can ride your bike or take a jog. It even has a separate, fenced in dog park so our canine companions can run around freely. It is lots of fun.

As your Voorhees Locksmith, we provide all locksmith services, including residential, commercial and automotive. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and we truly enjoy our craft. 

As South Jersey is located so close to the large, sprawling metropolis of Philadelphia, there are many Scammer Locksmiths who come from the city to try to “steal” money from NJ residents (check out our blog post for more info). There are some good locksmiths in South Jersey, and here at Ben’s we are one of your options and we are working hard to be your first choice for locksmith services in Voorhees. We also are working hard to inform our current and prospective customers so that everyone is aware of these Scammer Locksmiths and their “bait and switch” tactics. Please choose your Voorhees Locksmith carefully so that you are not another victim.

Voorhees, NJ, we think you’re a great city and we appreciate the opportunity to be your Voorhees Locksmith.