At Ben’s Lock & Key we are constantly moving around all of South Jersey.  This is our home and our stomping ground.  In fact, we enjoy that most of our business requires us to get out on the road.  One of the smaller towns in the area that we find cute and quaint is Stratford, NJ.  We get a kick out of being a Stratford Locksmith.

Being a locksmith in Stratford is always fun because of the history of the city and the neat Quaker Store.  Just driving by the old building which housed the Quaker Store is a treat.  Some lesser known knowledge of Stratford – the Quaker Store is actually located in one of the 9 original homes (the only original home still exiting today) that made up Stratford.  Stratford was originally known as White Horse Village, built around White Horse Tavern, and came into being in 1665.  We often wonder what Stratford Locksmiths were doing back in the 1600’s.  The history here is Stratford and NJ is just fascinating.

Unfortunately, the Stratford White Horse Tavern is not still in existence.  From some accounts it seems that it was torn down to build a strip mall.  Perhaps it once stood where the Stratford Center now stands (pictured here).  It would have been neat to be able to do some locksmith and security work on the old White Horse Tavern.  But we enjoy the locksmith work we do today on any and all of the locations in Stratford.

We provide residential, commercial and automotive Stratford Locksmith services.  All our locksmith work is top quality and guaranteed for all our clients in Stratford.

If you are a resident or business in Stratford, and in need of a good, local locksmith, please consider us here at Ben’s Lock & Key.  We are a family owned business and we enjoy our work immensely.  We especially enjoy providing locksmith services to the Stratford and surrounding areas in South Jersey.