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Rekeying Locks & Home Automation

It can be a very personal decision – choosing a locksmith to come into and work on your home. This is why it is extremely important to choose a locksmith you know you can trust for all your residential locksmith needs.

At Ben’s Lock & Key, we have been providing residential locksmith services for nearly 15 years. We are family owned and operated and are located in the same area we serve – South New Jersey. We want to be your trusted, local South Jersey residential locksmith.

We take care when working on the locks, hardware and doors of your home. We have a home here too and we understand how important your home and your security are to you.

Therefore, if you are in need of residential locksmith services for your home, please consider us at Ben’s Lock & Key. Whether you just purchased your home and want to rekey your locks or are interested in adding some high security hardware to an interior or exterior door on your home, we can handle all your home and residential locksmith needs.

Why choose us

When we pull up to your home, we come equipped with a mobile locksmith office on wheels (our van). We carry all of the most common residential locksmith hardware and supplies needed to work on your home. If we happen to not have the item needed in your situation, no problem – we will supply a temporary fix, order the part and return to finish the job once the correct part arrives. We take pride in our work and in finishing the job to our high standards and our client’s complete satisfaction.

We strive to be your #1 trusted, local residential locksmith in Cherry Hill and the surrounding cities in South Jersey.

Excellent Service

We constantly working to improve the level of our customer service.

Experienced Locksmith

With over 15 years experience, We can guarantee our work and provide quality rekeying service.

Quality & Reliability

We sell & install the largest brands in the US and provide 90 days warranty for labor.

Affordable Rates

Any budget rekey! Master key, Single door, Apartment/ Condo, Storefront or a House rekey.

Call Maricopa Lock & Key to rekey your house locks in Maricopa, AZ

How many people access your property? How many needs a key? Do you need multi level door access (master key) system or a single key to lock/ unlock all doors? Let’s plan it together.

We use a specific master key software to generate all possible key combinations for each Master key design. With it, we can service your facility as many times as needed and keep a record of all used combinations to prevent duplicates.

The hardest thing about a Master key system is it maintenance. Rekeying a lock each time you let go of an employee or when a key is lost can be frustrating, but the potential result of not doing it is even worse.